Lake Forest Backyard Oasis

Lake Forest, Illinois is notorious for beautiful homes and scenic landscapes. Working in this area is a great honor and privilege because of the unique history and wonderful landscapes that surround it. This Lake Forest home is nestled in a quiet neighborhood tucked away in a secluded corner. The style of the home resembles a French or English style manor with light caramel colored bricks, accented with cream colored limestone and topped with a cedar roof. To match this style we are going with an English garden style complete with Blue stone patio, Arborvitae and Flowering Pear trees lining the perimeter of the backyard for complete privacy accented with Hydrangea, Roses and various perennials. Along the patio will include, Sargent Tina Crabapple trees, Boxwood lining the perimeter of the patio, and accented with Roses, Hydrangea, and various perennials.


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